DATE:            10/28/2017                 
TO:                 File
Subject:          Meeting  at ACC and tour, SPUR 10/25/2017
Carol Bohnet opened the meeting at Asnuntuck Comm. College
            Also thanked ACC for hosting the event and showing the  new construction at the ACC.
Pledge by Keith Madore
4 Way by Larry Tracy
Prayers by Julie Cotnoir
Guests : None
The great lunch was provided by ACC food service.
Guests : ADG Gov Pam Lupoli
              Bill McGurk
              Mike Weber
              ACC Staff Tim St James and Student Madison Beckett
Happy Dollar:
SA Joann Walk  leaving for California in a week. Allison Roderick happy. Scott Kaupin 10 yr Club anniversary. Jerry Bell time in Manhattan and medical procedure. Rich Tcaz in ST Marten. Bill McGurk happy attending meeting. Keith Medore at a conference where Enfield was mentioned for recognition. Joyce Keating at Atlantic City at Ms U.S. Senior Pageant. Julie Cotnoir happy to host. Shawn Stevens happy with Yankees?, Mike Helechu at a Bloomfield Brewery. Cathy Baronpride in staff members, TV with sen Kissel. Chris Casey announced Purple Event 11/3. Wine Tasting, 11/15 at Holiday Inn. Eric Moody happy for Scott Kaupin. Larry Tracy about grandchild. Chris Leary finishe spring courses teaching. Cheryl Leary happ, busy in retirement and retreat. Pam Lupoli happy attending. Adrian happy announcing wife’s birthday. Nick Deni attended Kascuisko School and played Basket ball in this room/Gym, scored 21 points, long time ago!!
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery Minute:
Prof Golfer William Payne Stewart died at age 42 when the Learjet in which he was a passenger depressurized and all aboard died of hypoxia somewhere over Florida with the plane eventually crashing in South Dakota, a scant four months after Stewart had won his second US Open.
  1. Who did Stewart edge out by one stroke when he won the US Open at Pinehurst in 1999?
            Phil Mickelson
2. Stewart was famous for his golf attire of Ivy caps and knicker-like pants that are more commonly known as what?
            Plus fours
3. Stewart won his first US Open in 1991 in a 18 hole playoff at Hazeltine National Golf Club when he defeated what golfer?
Scott Simpson
Raffle - ?? kitty
Nick Deni a bum card,  and Ryan Lawless $5.
Zone Lunch, Convention Center, Hartford, Oct 20th attended by Carol B, Bill and Milt.
Polio Day yesterday. For every $ Rotary collects, Bill Gates Foundation matches $3.
Rotary after 5, 10/26 at The 99 Restaurant.
Foundation Dinner Chez Josef, Nov 2nd.
RLI at Holiday Inn, Enfield , Nov 11th, our Club will sponsor you.
DG David at our meeting Nov 15th.
Rotary Means Business Networking event Thur, Nov 9th, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Rooftop 120 restaurant, Glastonbury CT
Ed Palomba announced Rotary Walking Trail maintenance by Town.
Meeting closed 1:07 pm for tour on new ACC facilities. It was an exciting tour of new front and Manufacturing building in the back; very impressive.
Beg your pardon for errors and omissions.
Respectfully submitted by Kiran Majmudar