Kevin brought the meeting to order

Pledge:  Dave O'Connor
4-way test:  Chris Casey
Grace:  Chris Leary

Birthdays / Anniversaries
Chris Casey's birthday today
Joanne's birthday tomorrow and club anniversary

Happy / Sad
Kiran-  Finished the Hartford marathon in 5 hrs 13 mins
Kathy - Happy for the annual purple event on Nov 4th.  Wine tasting event for the Network
Joanne - Went on a zip line tour and happy the Cubs are moving on in the playoffs
Rich - Back from his trip to Europe where he toured several countries
Ed - Team finished in 2nd place in a golf tournament (1 stoke behind).  Went on a vineyard and wine tasting tour.
Joyce - Going to Atlantic City for Miss Senior America with her friend
Sandy - Going to Florida for 2 weeks upcoming.  Enjoyed her time in Maine with her son
Scott - Sad for Red Sox loss but going to Wellfleet for Oysterfest.

Eric pulled the card but the Queen of Hearts is still in the deck.

History minute

Glasses were found at the meeting 2 weeks ago.  Still looking for the owner. 
The commission on aging is looking for volunteers to help at the public access tv station in Enfield.  They will be helping seniors in the community.
Rotary leadership institute will be hosting a regional event at the Massmutual center in Chicopee to learn more about Rotary and its history
Asnuntuck is inviting the community to visit and participate in their annual Fall Fest

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