Flag Salute: Keith Madore
Four Way Test: Carol Bohnet
Invocation: Cheryl Leary

Joe Fallon stood in for Jo Ann Walk as Sergeant at Arms.  Joe also quizzed the membership to see if anyone could remember where Jerry Bell was traveling this week.  (The answer was Copenhagen.)
Sandy Zukowski was caught up in the car chase on I-91 while driving to Manchester.  She quickly realized what was happening when she saw 7 police cars and a helicopter. 
Kathy Barron was stuck in Florida because of Hurricane Irma.  She was happy to be back at home.
Joyce Keating enjoyed a trip to Quebec City.
Ed Palomba was happy that we had meatloaf for lunch.  He was also happy for his son's 29th birthday.  (Should we read into the order in which he presented these thoughts?)
Keith Madore was happy for the well-attended ribbon cutting at Asnuntuck Community College last Wednesday. 
Carol Bohnet was happy for her daughter's 30th birthday, and also for a dinner with her mother and sisters.
Milton Rosenberg wished a happy new year to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah.  (L'Shana Tova, Milton!)
Lindsey Weber is returning to regular club meetings after a wonderful summer vacation with her children.  The highlight of their summer was a trip to Wyoming to view the solar eclipse in totality. 
Rich Tkacz had planned a vacation to St. Maarten.  Because of hurricane destruction, they changed their plans to a cruise leaving from Puerto Rico.  This might not be the year for a Caribbean vacation.
Kiran is preparing for the October 14th marathon to support the St. Francis Cancer Center.  See Kiran if you are interested in learning more about their cause!
Chris Leary shared a happy new year sentiment.  L'Shana Tova!
Kevin Mayo also wished a happy new year to those celebrating, had a dollar for a missed meeting, and a dollar for his club anniversary.

The Drawing
$10 to Chris Leary (well, actually to Cheryl Leary after Chris won the money)
$5 to Sandy Zukowski
Card to Kathy Barron, but not the queen of hearts

Joe Fallon's "History Mystery" Question
September 20, 1878
Upton Bell Sinclair, Jr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland, did not go to any formal school until the age of ten and became known during his ninety years of life as a writer, journalist, novelist, political activist and politician.
1. Sinclair is probably best known for writing a muck-raking novel about the Chicago meatpacking industry that led to the adoption of the Federal Pure Food and Drug Act.  What was the name of that novel?

    The Jungle

2. What political philosophy did Sinclair espouse over his many years of political involvement?


3. Sinclair won a Pulitzer Prize in 1943 for the novel "Dragon's Teeth" which was the third novel in a series of eleven novels that he published between 1940 and 1953 that featured a central character for which the series is named.  What is the name of that character?

    Lanny Budd

Business Meeting

President Carol read thank-you cards from the Enfield Food Shelf and scholarship recipient Kevin Broems. 

Julie Cotnoir presented an Amber Alert update on behalf of Mike Helechu.  Last week, our club registered 129 children.  (50 more children than our previous 'best'.)  Club members were assisted by 4 outstanding students from Baypath University.  However, our ID card printer is not functioning well.  The group was able to enter information into the system, but  was not able to print all of the ID cards for parents.  This equipment is not longer supported by the manufacturer.  The Amber Alert program is still maintaining its database, but the equipment we use at events is becoming obsolete.  We have spent about $7,000 on equipment so far.  We hold about 4 Amber Alert registrations per year.  We register approximately 200 children annually.  It was agreed that our club will explore equipment replacement costs.

President Carol has updated our club website with all of our committee information.  Your committee responsibilities are now listed with your name on the site.  She is happy to report that our club has 17 committees working on projects throughout the year.  The website calendar is also up-to-date with club events.  Carol will be working with club members to record our volunteer hours for a worldwide tally, which is an initiative of the current Rotary International president. 
            our club website: www.enfieldctrotary.org

Ed Palomba announced that the district Foundation Dinner will be Thursday, November 2nd at Chez Josef.  The district is looking for nominations for the Humanitarian of the Year award.  Entries are due by September 30th.  Please see Ed for more details.

Kevin Mayo announced that he and Mary Arcouette will be holding a road race committee meeting on October 16th at The 99 restaurant.  Please contact Kevin or Mary for more information.

Field trip!!  Our club meeting on October 25th will be at Asnuntuck Community College and will include a tour of their new facility.

Guest editor,
Lindsey Weber