Rotary Spur 9-21-2016
Pledge of Allegiance- Eric Moody
4 Way Test- Bill McGuirk
Invocation- Kevin Mayo
Guests & Visitors- Keith Madore, Julie Cotnoir, Catherine Williams
Anniversary’s and Birthdays- Mike Zukowski 9/27
Happy/ Sads
Chris Casey-spent Happy time in Myrtle Beach
Joyce Keating- grateful surgery went well to remove a Basel cell, it took 20 stitches with Mole surgery which will only leave a very fine line.   She wanted to remind everyone that if they have any marks that last more than 4 weeks with or without symptoms, to please get them checked.  She had no symptoms.
Ed Polumba- had a busy weekend going to Somers Four Town Fair, and playing Golf in the tournament for Little Sisters of the Poor.
Bill Squires-sang at Fenway.  He lost 10lbs after his hear problem and is now doing cardio, he is happy to still be here.
Bill McGurik-Traveled to several places including Nigeria  and is happy to be back.
Lindsey Weber-Minuteman Press had their Grand Opening for there New Business in Springfield last week!
Catherine Williams-missed meetings speaking,  At ACC and is teaching at the 2nd Chance Program at ACC.
Mike Helechu-happy with Allied Track and did lots of things over the weekend.
Julie Cotnoir-was happy to be seeing her daughter for Family Week, at college.
Kate Garvey-had a great dinner at the cape based on a recommendation from a Rotary Member.  She is very excited to be changing her job as of 10/3 doing Elder Law in Bloomfield!
Milt Rosenberg- Bloomfield Club is also a good club, if Kate wants to visit.
Carol B         - Her youngest daughter is turning 29.
Larry Tracey-stayed with two teen grandsons and a dog for four days and was happy to be able to go home and rest!
Joe’s History Minute:
Te famous editorial “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” was printed and distributed in New York City.
1-What was the name of the newspaper in which the editorial was printed?  The New York Sun
2 What was Virginia’s last name?  O’Hanion
3 What was the name of the editor who penned the editorial?  Francis  P. Church
Kevin reported there was $115 in the card kitty.
Milt- drew a card but didn’t win
Eric took $5  Lindsey took $10