Spur  February 22, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance- Eric Moody
4 Way test-  Kevin Mayo
Invocation- Jo Ann Walk
Guests:           Rick Cheney & Dave Reed of Somers Rotary Club  
Brian Lawles
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
Milt extorted $130 for no pins, no women and an assortment of other items
Birthday – Tim Reynolds    Anniversary – Kevin Mayo
JoAnn – happy trip home; mom is healthy.  Mike Helechu – loves retirement; every day is Saturday.    Julie – toured ACC with Sen Chris Murphy.    Nick – Enfield HS Girls State Championship 22-1;
Joes History Mystery Minute- Questions re George Washington. Who were parents’ names?  What party did he belong to?
Raffle Winners
$10- Brian K
$5- Lou Bolduc
Speaker- Somers Rotarians presentation showing water filters being directly installed in homes in Puerto Rico with alliance of Rotary in Puerto Plata. Appliances convert very polluted water to 99.9% pure for drinking, preventing many illnesses. Very poor area in need of pure water for families. Somers Rotarians going next week to install more filters. Cost is about $55 each for cement units which last up to 25 years. Club looking for donation which is fully tax deductible.
Editor:  Joyce Keating