SPUR -- January 18, 2017
Kevin Mayo, acting president for today, opened the meeting.  
Pledge of Allegiance -- Chris Casey
4-Way Test -- Ed Palomba
Prayer -- Kevin Mayo
Guest -- Bryan Chodkowski, Enfield Town Manager (technically a Rotarian in Ohio, but soon to be joining us)
Fines from Acting Sgt. of Arms Jo Ann Walk:
Jo Ann -- missed last week's meeting; at Cinco K Mayo meeting, Mike Helechu attended, looking good from his recent surgery.
Milt Rosenberg -- mobile phone ringing during meeting
Chris Casey -- returned from Las Vegas, attending a trade show and winning nothing at the casino (that's what they all say, Chris)
Bryan Chodkowski -- will miss next week's meeting because of a dentist appointment (but Rotary won't be painful, Bryan; so you could make the appointment for -- wait for it -- 2:30!)
Joyce Keating -- late dollar, going next week to daughter's to celebrate youngest granddaughter's 12th birthday, and will attend Gasparilla Festival in Tampa (what's a pirate's favorite letter?  RRRR!)
Joe Fallon -- glad to see Steve Damon back
Steve Damon -- glad to be back (but no horn playing today??)
Kevin Mayo -- Patriots success this past Saturday (and Roger Goodell couldn't even show up??)
Julie Cotnoir -- celebrating birthdays of both mother and son
Joe Fallon's double mystery minute:
A.  Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, one of seventeen children, finished his formal schooling at the age of ten and went to Pennsylvania at the age of seventeen to seek his fame and fortune.
    1.  Franklin had many interests serving not only as a diplomat, politician and statesman but also as an author, scientist and inventor.  Name any two of his three most famous inventions.
             a.  Lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove (so he could see the light and take the heat)
    2.  What character in the long-running television series "M*A*S*H" is tied to Franklin?
             a.  Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
    3.   In 1733, Franklin wrote "Poor Richard's Almanack" under what pseudonym?
             a.  Richard Saunders
B.  Actor Ernest Borgnine was born January 24, 1917 in Hamden, Connecticut and raised in New Haven.
    1.  In the TV show, McHale's Navy, what was the rank and full name of his character?
             a.  Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale.
    2.  In what film did he win an Academy Award?
             a.  Marty
    3.  What cartoon character in SpongeBob SquarePants did he do the voice (for thirteen years, no less)?
             a.  Mermaid Man
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Rotary After 5 will be Thursday night at Lulu's.  Monthly Friday Breakfast will be this week at Molina's Cafe at 8 A.M.
SPEAKER:  Today's New Rotarian career talk was poignantly presented by Keith Madore, Director of Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement at Asnuntuck Community College.  Originally from the north country of Grand Isle, Maine, where his first language was French, Keith's family, which included his parents and four older sisters, moved to Southington, CT for work, then returned to Maine and attended University of Maine at Presque Isle, changing his major from journalism to marketing after he worked here at Riverside Park as Food Dome Manager.  While at UMPI, he became coordinator at Presque Isle Mall; and then worked in many jobs at the University for eighteen years, finishing as director of development and alumni relations, as well as being president of the local Kiwanis club.  With his desire to move south and near his sisters, he started working at Asnuntuck while being a caregiver to his mother.  Over the years, he found that there is a sense of community here, with a warm and nurturing feeling at Asnuntuck.  His family always taught him to give back to his community, and he is glad to do it here with Asnuntuck and with Rotary.  We are so glad to have you here, Keith.  Thank you for  a wonderful talk.
QUOTE FOR THE DAY:  "Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness."  (Frank Tyger)
SPUR Editor (for today):  Bill Squires
(In tribute to long-time SPUR Editor, A. Jackson Green -- "nuf sed")