Rotary Minutes 1-3-18
President Carol Bohnet welcomed us back from the Holidays and commenced the Meeting at 12:15
Keith Madore - Led us in the pledge
President Carol Bohnet- Led us in the Four Way Test
Lindsey Weber Led in in a moment of silence/prayer
No visiting Rotarians
Guests: Lorraine Creedon & Roselin Swift from Enfield People for People & Safe Harbor Warming Cnter
Sgt At Arms Joanne Walk worked the crowd &received the usual compliment of Happy/Sad dollars
Joanne Walk Gone home last week to Missouri Happy to be back now
Joe Fallon Joe was just happy
Larry Tracey Larry also just happy
Joyce Keating also just happy a& leave early dollar
Sandy Zukowski Maintenance man came, missed last week, Happy New Year
Jerry Bell Spokane with family, Richs Oil visit, frozen pipes
Scott Kaupin Successful BB tournament, Happy New Year at Cape
Carol Bohnet No Frozen pipes at home , but 1 at SWindsor rental, Holidays
Adrian Garcia Sega Late, New Year, Missed Lw meeting
Lindsey Weber Kids vacation week
Keith Madore - Family week, missed last week
Julie Cotnoir Sad for Nick & Ed Eds mother passing missed last week
Mike Helechu Holidays over, BB Tournament
Derek Meade Basketball tournament
Steve Damon Missed last week, back now
History/Mystery minute Joe Fallon
January 8, 1777 George Washington & US Army battle at Princeton with the British
1. Name of British General in battle at Princeton General Cornwallis
2. Name of Princeton University before Princeton College of New Jersey
3. Name of 19
Century British historian Trevallian
Sargeant Joanne - Lucky Card drawing
Lu Bolduc Passed on the Queen chance & took the $10
Jerry Bell Jack Diamonds
Larry Tracey Won the $5
    -The latest Rotarian Magazine has a letter to the editor from our own Bill Squires about singing the
    National Anthem at events. (He did a marvelous job at the Rotary Basketball tournament.)
    -Received a thank you from Loaves & Fishes for our $500 donation.
    -Wine tasting is March 1st. We need raffle items. They can be dropped off at the Holiday Inn.
    -There is a membership committee meeting this Monday (1/8) at Allied.
    -We received several donations in memory of Ed Palomba’s mom.
    Scott: Basketball tournament went well. Income as follows: Ad book $841.04 (up from last year),
    Concessions $501.63 (up), Gate $1,178 (down), 50/50 raffle $204 (down), expenses the same. Net
    income ~$1,600 (was ~$1,800 last year).
    Mike: Enfield Rotary 90th anniversary focus on 1979-1980. Our big project was the Larnaca, Greece
    Book Project to supply reading books to students due to the recent earthquake. This was headed by
    Dave Drinan. New members for the year included; Jim Kuhn, Jack Welsh, Charlie Nirenberg, as well as 10
    Program: Lorraine Creedon and Roseline Swift came to speak about Enfield People for People and the
    Enfield Safe Harbor Warming Center.
    - Homelessness in CT was down 13% in CT in 2016, but still remains a significant problem.
    - There is no shelter available in Enfield.
    - The Warming Center opened in 2015 through the efforts of local churches, agencies and individuals.
    - It is a safe, warm place for the homeless of Enfield, which includes employed people as well as students
    who cannot afford a place to live.
    - It is at the Hazardville Methodist Church and is open Jan 15 to the end of March (74 nights).
    - It can accommodate up to 17 people a night.
    -Doors open at 9PM and are locked at 11PM. (unless a client is brought in by a police officer).
    -They don’t turn down non-Enfield residents the first night, but then direct them to appropriate services
    the next day.
    - There is transportation available from Thompsonville to the church in Hazardville.
    - Due to regulations, there are no meals served or beds/cots provided (but they do provide snacks).
    Lorraine & Roseline thanked the Enfield Rotary Club for their $500 donation to the warming center.
    Meeting adjourned by Carol at 1:28PM.
    Respectfully submitted Coauthors Nick Deni, Jerry Bell