Rotary Spur 1/4/2017
Scott Kaupin (filling in for President Greg Stokes ) opened meeting with the Pledge
Chris Casey led us in the 4 Way Test
You may know who gave the invocation, but I don’t
No visitors or guests today
Sargent Arms – Kevin Mayo – Pin fine for all those forgetting theirs or not wearing it. Yay.
  • Carol Bohnet has not one but two daughters who are pregnant – and theay are both having boys.
  • Joyce Keating – Joyce was just happy
  • Joanne Walk – Sad couldn’t make the BB tournament – Planned to but flight delays put in at Bradley at 8:30 pm, just as it was wrapping up
  • Jerry Bell – Late today, and missed two weeks, Grandchildren throughout the holidays & 94 yr old uncle passed
  • Ed Palomba   - Back after recuperating 3 weeks with men’s operation, holiday, 4 month old grandchild Emilia & now a new Facebook member!
  • Scott Kaupin - No pin and a big Thank You! to all 24th Annual Rotary BB Girls Basketball Classic tournament helpers, New Years at Cape.
    History/Mystery Minute – Joe Fallon
    January 4, 1943, Pulitzer Prize winning author historian & biographer Doris Kearns, now Doris Kearns Goodwin, was born in Brooklyn, NY
    What was the title of the first book that launched her career as a writer…  
    Lyndon Johnson & The American Dream
    Kearns Goodwin was the first female journalist to enter locker room of what prominent sports team… The Boston Red Sox        
    What is the title of the book for which Kearns Goodwin won the Pulitzer Prize…
    No Ordinary Time; Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt: The American Homefront During World War II
    Eric Moody     Queen of Spades
    Nick Deni       $ 10.00
    Joyce Keating             $  5.00
    Announcements from the Club/Membership
  • Road Race Meeting 1/17/17 6:00 pm           Powder Hollow Brewery           
  • Basketball Tournament netted $1900 in proceeds – which will be donated to the Enfield High Girls BB program for new Team Seats & Scorer Table .  TY to major sponsors, Rileys of Connecticut, Awards & More, Shop Rite of Enfield, Minuteman Press, Marek Jewelers
Our Program today was a New Rotarian Talk by Mr Jason Neeley – New Director of the Enfield Public Library
Jason has now been the Director of the Library for almost one year.  Jason came to us by way of Pittsburgh, where he worked at the Carnegie Science Center – Spent time as a Marine on the USS Naval ship, where he met his wife .  Jason and his wife & moved to Buffalo NY , and served in the Department of Adult Services.   It was then his wife suggested he consider Library Sciences, which Jason did do, eventually landing a job at the Jacksonville FL – Director of Library Services, Jason later moved on to be Director of Libraries in West Hartford CT & Middletown CT, before landing the job here in Enfield in February 2015.
His interest include Photography (Jason volunteered his services as photographer for Rotary events!),Travel, and he has a claim to fame of a photo of his dog making it onto the cover on National Geographic.
Jason feels the staff at the Enfield Central Library is very dedicated and devoted & competent, and a great asset to the Enfield Community.   The Library is close to unveiling a new website, which will include streaming downloads, a section of which has been up and running since July and gets heavy use.
We are lucky to have Jason with us in the Enfield Central Library, our community & and as new member of our Enfield Rotary Club .  Welcome Jason
And that’s it for today & this week.
Guest Spur Editor – Nick Deni