President Greg opened the meeting
Pledge by Kiran Majmudar
4 Way by Mike Helechu
Prayers by Chris Leary
Guests : None
The usual great lunch menu thanks to Eric Moody; deserts are even better!
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery Minute:
The gunfight at OK Corral took place in Tombstone in the Arizona territory.
1. What were the names of the three Earp brothers who were involved in the shootout?
            Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil
2. What is the name of the John Ford movie that immortalized the shootout?
            My Darling Clementine
3. In 1969 episode of Star Trek entitled “Spectre of the Gun”, Captain James T. Kirk and Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott of the Starship Enterprise portrayed what two brothers involved in the original shootout?
Ike and Billy Clinton respectively.
Happy Dollar:
-Scott Kaupin for Halloween
- Kevin Mayo for missed meeting/s
-Cheryl Leary for early retiring husband (new job, titled CEO Chief Janitor!) Chris Leary
-Mike Helechu for Golf at Foxwood, Allied Walk, missed meeting, etc.
-Shawn Stevens for
-Lou Bolduc for late
-Scott Kaupin for 9th anniversary, Notr Dame game, UConn, etc
-Joyce Keating for 1 week, Atlantic City
-Joann Smith
-Chris Casey for Golf
-Greg Stokes
-Jerry (Vet) for Golf, Maui
-Ed Palomba for Deni Family
-Nick Deni for 1 grandchild month ago and an engagement
Raffle - $165 kitty
Lou Bolduc $10,  Nick Deni a bum card and Scott Kaupin $5.
Greg Stokes wish and prayers for Bobby’s health; she is in a hospital.
Mike Helechu Members who have not visited our Website, need to visit and update information such address, phone , emails, etc.
Wine Tasting event was a success at $6,200; thanks Eric and Committee
December 10 is Pancake Breakfast
Nov 15 is 5k committee meeting, 6 pm, Powder H Brewery
11/4 Friday (Steve D) breakfast at Angelina’s
Beg your pardon for errors and omissions.
Respectfully submitted by Kiran Majmudar.