Enfield Rotary Weekly Meeting
President  Carol opened meeting 12:15 .  Derek Meade said Grace.  We all said Four-Way-Test and Saluted the Flag.
No visitors.  One guest, Cathy Belinkie  who is the wife the day’s speaker, Dr. Stephen Belinkie.
Happy/Sad Dollars were:  Brian- son on the Lego Robotics Team , Rich had two trips to the Caribean cancelled due to hurricanes but happy a third substitute trip is still on,  Joyce had a good time in Quebec City (she has a good time everywhere),  Nick happy for upcoming trip with family including Ed to Myrytle  Beach,  Ed happy to be starting on softball team with those half his age (he’s the pitcher),  Mike has a new pacemaker (we are ecstatic for him),  Carol is seeing Les Miserables with her daughter,  Kirhan was visited by Ed and Lois  Sharpless  who were on a camping trip,  Jerry lectured in Copenhagen and of coarse was on the course (golfing).  
History/Mystery Minute:  The first US Open was played at what country  club  in Rhode Island?  The US Open field (number of golfers playing) is composed of how many golfers?  What was the name of the first winner of the US Open?   Answers    1. Newport Country Club  .     2. 156                3. Horace Rawlins- an Englishman.
Derek got zip  with the Queen of Hearts.  A ten and fiver were won by others.
Carol asks for stragglers to sign up for committees.
Carol asks for a volunteer to mentor the RotarAct  Club with Mike.
Our October 25 Weds meeting will be at Asnuntuck for a tour and lunch.
November 2 is a Foundation Dinner where the Enfield Club will receive a prestigious award.
Dr. Stephen Belinkie, a retired plastic surgeon, spoke on American President Frankin Delino Roosevelt.  Much of the talk involved polio  and the effect it had on FDR’s life.  A tremendous amout of effort was required to maintain the image of a strong  healthy individual. Due to the large amount of material the lecture will be delivered in two parts.  Dr. Belinkie will be back to continue this lecture.  Particularly significant to us as Rotarians is the effects polio had on mankind and how Rotary has made the world a better place thru PolioPlus eradication efforts.
All in all another great meeting, 
Steve Damon, Scribe